1988-1997 Toyota Corolla

The 6th generation Corolla was sold as a four door sedan or two door, both front wheel drive. The four doors and the two door SR5 have the 4A-FE engine making around 100hp. The two door GTS has the new, but less powerful largeport "Redtop" 4AGE making 112hp or so. In 1990 the GTS got the new smallport "Redtop" 4AGE making 130 hp, and the 1991 was the last GTS in the US.

In 1993 we see several changes to the Corolla lineup. (Pictured) Gone are the 4AGE engines and the two door versions. All Corollas are now four door, with a wagon option, and powered by the 4AFE engine. Also available is the 7AFE 1.8 liter engine making 115 horsepower. In 1995 the power dropped slightly on both engines as stricter emission guidelines came into place.

Performance Possibilities

The 4AFE and 7AFE are nice engines, but they aren't really meant for high performance. Nevertheless, the can be turbocharged in stock form with good results as long as you keep the boost low. We will be offering a bolt-on turbo kit for this car in the near future. Also, they could be rebuilt with all new seals, gaskets, custom low compression pistons, and then a high boost turbo system would be possible. For really serious power, you should look into the 4AGE swaps.

If you have one of the 4AGE engines, it could be rebuilt with high performance parts, either for high revving natually aspirated power or low compression for a turbocharger, again using the 4AGZE pistons.

The 7AFE uses a longer stroke to make 200cc more displacement. It is possible for any 4AGE head to be swapped to the 7A block, making a "7AGE". This engine offers more in terms of torque, but the stock rods are not made for high performance. If you want to turbocharge the engine, or build a high compression n/a engine, you really should get custom rods, although many have had good results using the stock rods. As they say, don't underestimate a Toyota!

Engine Swap Options

While the 4AGE was the most powerful 1.6 engine of it's time, today it lags behind modern engines. You have a few choices for engine swaps:

Smallport "Redtop" 4AGE 16v This engine is found in the 1990-1991 Corolla GTS and makes 130hp. You can find them in salvage yards for a decent price, but they are rather rare. While this engine can be swapped in, you may as well save your money and instead get one of the newer engines.

"Silvertop" or "Blacktop" 4AGE 20v These engines are found in the early 90s Toyota Levin in Japan. They were never put into any car in North America, but they are imported regularly. These engines can be swapped in with minor mechanical trouble, but the wiring is all custom work and takes a good deal of time. The Silvertop is about $1000 and is rated at 160hp. The Blacktop is around $1800 and makes about 165hp. The transmission from both these engines can be used as well and it recommended. You may even get a factory LSD and/or a 6-speed in the transmission that comes with the Blacktop. See a 4AGE Silvertop being swapped into a '92 Corolla

4AGZE Supercharged 16v This engine is found in the Mark I MR2 in North America and the early 90s Toyota Levin in Japan. The USDM version makes about 140hp, the JDM version makes about 160hp. Both produce lots of torque and are much more powerful than the naturally aspirated counterparts. For a complete front clip from a Levin, you will pay around $2500. Swapping this engine in is a little bit more difficult because of the supercharger and intercooler piping.The engine from the Levin should have a transmission with a factory LSD that can be used in the car as well.

2ZZGE This engine is found in the 2000 and newer Celica GTS, 2003 and up Matrix XRS, and 2005 and newer Corolla XRS. While this swap is not a common one for this series, the engine mounts are close and the swap wouldn't be too difficult. The variable that is more difficult is the price of the engine: until they are more common and older, they will be rather expensive and difficult to obtain.

Note: the 4AGZE pistons are low compression and will fit into the other 4AGEs, along with the connecting rods. These parts allow us to rebuild any 4AGE for a turbo setup fairly inexpensively. We can obtain and swap any one of these engines into your Corolla. If you are interested please email us: contact@phoenixtuning.com

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