High Performance Parts

Here at Phoenix Tuning, we are currently developing a number of performance parts and kits. One big item you're going to see available in the coming months are turbocharger kits. The first vehicle these will be offered for will be the '90-'93 Toyota Celica. Shortly following we will offer kits for the '93-'97 Toyota Corolla, '94-'99 Celica, and then we will move towards building kits for the '98-'02 Corolla and eventually the '00-'05 Celica and '03-'05 Corolla.

Rear Disc Conversions

Disclaimer: Please understand that whenever you make a modification to your car, you are deviating from the manufacturer's design. Installation of these aftermarket brakes is done at your own risk.

Tired of the poor performance of rear drum brakes? Got some nice rims and don't have any rear discs to show off? Or maybe you're just sick of changing drum shoes? No problem! We have developed a rear disc conversion kit for the Toyota Corolla. This kit was developed and tested on a '98 Corolla, but we are under the impression that the '93 through '02 is the same setup if not even a wider range. However we haven't yet tested the kit on other years. The kit does fit under the stock 14" wheels.

The kit is $599 plus $49 for shipping. You can pay by check or money order, or by paypal but please add a little for the paypal fees. For ordering information please contact us: contact@phoenixtuning.com We normally try to keep at least one kit in stock all the time, but sometimes we get backordered. If that happens we will put the kit together as soon as possible and get it out to you.

What is included in the kit

The kit includes everything that you need: custom modified backing plate, parking brake parts, resurfaced and redrilled rotors, new ceramic pads, and the calipers including the brake lines.


The kit is a bolt-on setup that only requires one simple modification to your stock parking brake cable bracket. The kit can be installed with common hand tools, as outlined in this how-to guide. We reccomend that a professional mechanic install the kit since it is your brakes that we're talking about here.

Replacement Parts

The rotors in the kit are '95 Toyota Celica GT rear rotors that have been redrilled with the 4x100 pattern. You can order new replacement rotors from us here at Phoenix Tuning, just email us for the current pricing and availablity. If you rather, you can buy them yourself and have them drilled by a machine shop. The pads are stock '95 Celica GT parts, as are the calipers.


The kit is warrantied against defective parts. If there is a problem with one of the parts, send the kit (or the offending part) back to us and we will ship out a replacement as soon as possible. Damage caused by incorrect installation is not covered.